The Art & Science of Sales Mastery

Learn the secrets of successful selling that incorporates neuroscience and advanced communication strategies

Starting Sunday, January 24th (Early Bird Special ends on Jan 15)

Why Now?

If sales is your craft than you know the importance of keeping your skills relevant and up-to-date. 

The world continues to change. Millennials and Gen Z are becoming the new consumers. 

Our approach will prepare you with the latest understanding of neuroscience, body language, and sales fundamentals to ensure you have the utmost confidence and skills to be successful in your sales career.

Who Benefits?

Our sales training works at every level.

 Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in the industry for your entire career, we have training to suit your level of knowledge


New to Sales? Making a career change?

Set yourself up for success from day one. Develop the habits that will separate you from mediocre sales performers.


Finding yourself in a sales slump?

When things aren’t working right, it’s important to step back and re-examine your approach and add in new skills.


Happy with your progress but want to take your sales performance to the next level?

Little tweaks go a long way in optimizing your sales performance.

Your Facilitators

Muhummad Ali

After 8 years with oil and gas industry giants and 13 years in retail representing European and American brands, Ali now works with executives, business professionals, and athletes seeking excellence in their performance and pursuing true transformational change.

Oz Merchant

Oz has spent over 20 years as a Mindhacker helping professionals find shortcuts to achieve optimal performance. In addition, he’s an international sales trainer experienced in B2B and B2C sales, teaching and coaching sales reps to close more deals.

Scott Schmaren

Neuroperformanceologist Scott Schmaren is a nationally known speaker, coach and author. He has spent over 20 years learning powerful success technologies. Scott has worked with CEO's and top sales professionals all over the world helping them reach new levels of success.


"Mr. Ali had command over the top and also presented practical and professional examples. He very well engaged participants during the session and kept quoting new ideas and methodology.
The training was well presented, very useful and essentials for our staff. His expertise and persistence in these capacities have been helpful in the retail sale functioning and provided enthusiasm on staff performance."

- Harmony Cosmetics FZC

"Had a simply pivotal session with Oz that left me with an ear-to-ear grin afterwards. His guidance has been a real catalyst for unlocking opportunities and approaching situations with curiosity, confidence and earnesty. Sometimes you just have to get out of your own way and Oz can lead you straight to that realization with practical tools and hacks that are mindbending in their effectiveness."

-Nicolai Rehn, CEO of Flenzies

"I turned to Scott to help me visualize my success. He took me through the process and I am now seeing the results. My wish was to have a successful leadership book. I now have it outlined, I have a literary agent, and I have pre-sales. Thanks to Scott, I’m on my way!"

- Colonel Jill Morgenthaler, Leadership Expert; Speaker; Author, "The Courage to Take Command"


The Program

This Sales Certification Program is brought to you by NLP Mantra and Mindhacking.

Foundation Level

Learn the foundation of what it takes to become a great sales professional.
We'll cover the:

  • Structure of successful selling
  • Basics of rapport building
  • Language of influence
  • Self-image and vision of success
  • Missing strategy that top sales performers know and that you can learn to master too

Course Length: 4 Sessions (3-hours per session)
Investment: USD 500 Early Enrollment: USD 150 or PKR 24,000 (price increases by $50 after Jan 15)

Advanced Level

Build on your sales foundation by learning the advanced skills of top sales professionals.

We'll cover:

  • Attitude of successful sales people
  • Advanced rapport building
  • Learning the prospect's language
  • Verbal and non-verbal buying signals
  • Buyer personas

Course Length: 4 Sessions (3-hours per session)
Investment: USD 1,000 Early Enrollment: USD 250 or PKR 40,000 (price increases by $50 after Jan 15)

Mastery Level

Get to the top of your game by achieving sales mastery.

We'll cover:

  • How to make calls with ease
  • Keys hacks to optimize your productivity
  • Advanced language patterns
  • Asking for the order - reimagined

Course Length: 4 Sessions (3-hours per session)
Investment: USD 1,500 Early Enrollment: USD 400 or PKR 64,000 (price increases by $50 after Jan 15)

Early Bird Rate Ends on January 15th


Foundation Level: $150
Advanced Level: $250
Mastery Level: $400
Sign up for all Three Levels for only $500

The Importance of Sales Mastery in 2021

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Each level will be for four Sundays.

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The Art & Science of Sales Mastery

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Advanced Level: PKR 40,000
Mastery Level: PKR 64,000
Best Deal: All Three Levels: PKR 80,000

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